International Jewellery Kobe (IJK)

International Jewellery Kobe (IJK)

  • 2018/05/16 - 18
Teaser description IJK is Japan's Largest and Best Mid-Year Jewellery Show!

IJK is Japan's Largest and Best Mid-Year Jewellery Show! A wide range of jewellery from fine jewellery to fashion jewellery as well as a variety of loose stones and strands will be exhibited. Also, related products such as materials and services will gather under one roof. Every year, executives and professional buyers from jewellery retailers, department stores, select shops, etc., visit IJK from all over the world to source. Serious business discussions take place everywhere during 3 show days. In recent years, a surge in overseas buyers especially from nearby Asian countries are adding much buzz to the show.

【出展対象】 【Exhibit Profile】

[Jewellery Products] Diamond set jewellery, Platinum jewellery, Antique jewellery, Bridal jewellery, Chains/Necklaces, Gem set jewellery, Gold jewellery, Men's jewellery, Brand jewellery, Earrings, Pearl jewellery, Silver jewellery , Designer's jewellery, Costume jewellery, Arts and crafts, etc. [Gemstones / Loose Stones] Diamonds, Sapphires, Tanzanites, Turquoises, Cat's eyes, Rubies, Opals, Tourmalines, Agates, Emeralds , Aquamarines, Paraiba tourmalines , Alexandrites , etc [Loose Pearls] Akoya pearls, Keshi pearls, Mabe pearls, Southsea pearls, Freshwater pearls, Conch pearls, etc. [Other Gemstones] Ambers, Corals, Jades, Tortoise shells, Ivories, Cameos, Jets, Crystals, Synthetic stones, etc. [Jewellery Related Products] Clasps, Empty frames, Parts, Production machinery, Tools, Showcases/Displays, Shop designs, Jewellery boxes, Reform related products, Customer management systems, IT related products , Security/Surveillance, Jewellery maintenance goods, Certification, Consulting, Publications, etc.

【来場対象】 【Visitor Profile】

・Retailers (Jewellery retailers, Department shops, Mass retailer, Apparel boutiques, Specialty Stores Mail-order/Online Stores, Variety Stores, etc.) ・Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Jewellery designers/craftsmen, Overseas buyers ・Media (TV, trade press, general press, newspapers, etc.) ・Jewellery related business & others

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    Kobe International Exhibition Hall
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